Single Origin
Single origin ingredients are harvested from one region and are not blended with other varieties.
How is Bare Seed different? Other companies source ingredients from multiple origins and countries. At Bare Seed, we pride ourselves on sourcing the highest quality, fine flavour ingredients only from Peru.

Why? Because we love the fine flavours and aromatic varieties of Peru, and we want to share the unique flavours and characteristics of the different regions. Single origin leaves the guessing out of where your ingredients come from!

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Cultivation and harvesting is traditionally a family and community practice. 
Did you know that chocolate brings people together even before it makes it to your taste buds!

At Bare Seed, community is important to us. We develop positive lasting relationships with farmers and communities by making informed choices based on trust, communication and ethical behaviour. We pride ourselves on having a solid foundation based on high quality research.

We build sustainable business relationships by personally travelling to meet with the farmers, and their communities, and by getting involved at a grass roots level. Bare Seed are aware of the importance of health and nutrition and are currently researching community projects to donate to.

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Our focus is to preserve the fine flavour cacao varieties, farming practices and delicate ecosystems of Peru, so they survive for our future generations to enjoy.
In the past, we have seen a decline in the production of fine flavour cacao due to a higher consumer demand for bulk varieties and blended products. There has been little incentive for farmers to grow fine flavour beans, because the prices paid were the same as those paid for lower cost bulk varieties.

Due to demand, farmers have opted for higher yielding, disease resistant, bulk varieties that compromise not only flavour and nutritional value, but also traditional farming and land cultivation practices.

How? Bare Seed aim to preserve fine flavour varieties and maintain traditional farming practices by striving to use sustainable farming and production practices, and to ensure farmers are paid fairly for their crops.

We understand the difference between fine flavour and bulk varieties and want to share this knowledge with you too! Want to know more?

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