About Bare Seed

Our mission
To ethically source the highest quality, single origin,
organic ingredients, and to empower people through choice.
We work harmoniously with farmers, communities and ecosystems, to
sustainably bring you closer to the traditions and fine flavours of Peru.
Our story
In 2012, two adventuring souls from Melbourne met in Peru, while working for the same NGO based in the Sacred Valley. Both health conscious foodies, with a passion for healthy living, nourishing food, and community development, Bare Seed was born from their friendship, love of community, fine flavours and all things Peru.

Our journey has grown from exploring the history and locations of Peruvian cacao and abundant “superfoods” to working with small scale farmers to ethically bring you the highest quality, sustainable, organic, ingredients to your plate and taste buds! 

We frequently travel from the remote Amazon to the Sacred Valley and the coast of Peru bringing you rare and rich flavours from each region.

Bare Seed believe in sharing knowledge that will encourage options for choice to empower farmers, employees, community and consumers while respecting the age old traditions and farming techniques used to cultivate the rich and diverse heritage varieties. 

We value honesty, respect and, above all, the health and
wellbeing of all people, the environment and our planet.